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After watching the video of your choice, and you decided, to get started! The text explainer gives you a full text explanation what happen exact in the video from action to action!

Downstairs you can see the text explanation from
ferdy korpershoek,
how to make your very own wordpress website!

Overview with timestamps:

00:00:16 Overview of the tutorial

00:01:40 The 4 action we need to take 

00:02:07 What is webhosting and a domain name

00:02:56 Get a domain name and webhosting

00:08:03 Install WordPress

00:09:30 Overview of the front and backend 

00:10:56 Clean Up Your WordPress Website

  00:11:55 Change your display name publicity

00:12:56 Create A Title For Your Website 

00:15:30 Optimise Your Permalinks 

00:16:04 Add Pages To Your Website 

00:18:54 Configure The Menu

00:23:01 Introduction to WordPress Themes

00:24:12 Get The Astra Theme

00:25:59 Get The Elementor Page Builder

00:27:21 Configure The Astra Theme

00:27:35 Download The Images I use in the Tutorial

00:27:59 Import Your Logo

00:30:27 Make Your Menu Uppercase

00:31:50 Configure The Header Layout

00:35:53 Configure The Mobile Menu

00:36:33 Change The Menu Breakpoint

00:38:54 Configure The Footer

00:41:30 Configure The Colors

00:44:39 Configure The Container Elementor

00:46:42 What To Do When Elementor Does Not Load

00:47:21 Add Editing Handles

  00:48:09 Overview Of Elementor

00:55:36 Configure The Elementor Colors

00:57:23 Create The Hero Of Your Website

00:58:56 Get Free Stock Images

01:00:46 How To Optimise Images Within WordPress

01:02:10 Configure The Background

01:03:55 Add A Header

01:07:40 Create Buttons

01:10:02 Use The Inline Positioning

01:17:00 Add Animations To Your Website

01:20:49 Make The Background Fixed

01:21:31 The Icon Box Element

01:23:54 Configure The Text In Elementor

01:35:15 The Shape Divider

01:36:43 The video Element

01:38:46 Optimise Your Website For All Devices

01:44:12 Create An About Us Section

01:47:31 The Amazing Navigator

01:51:53 Create A Testimonial Section

02:01:59 Make Use Of Custom Positions: Absolute and Fixed Elementor Templates

02:08:05 Get Free Templates For Elementor

02:13:39 Get the Contact Form 7 Plugin

02:18:23 Import A Template For Elementor Blogposts

02:21:32 Create A Blogpost

02:34:46 Customize the Blogposts page

02:35:53 Configure the Sidebar Widgets

02:37:46 Get The Facebook Likebox Widget

02:39:09 Configure the Blogpage

02:41:19 Create A Blogpage Using Elementor

02:42:53 Get More Free Elements For Elementor Footer

02:50:22 Configure The Footer Widgets

02:54:47 Customize the Footer Colors Portfolio

02:55:37 Get The Portfolio Plugin

02:56:08 Create A Portfolio Item

02:59:45 Configure The Image Lightbox 02:59:45 Save Your Page As A Template

03:04:10 Create The Portfolio Page The Homepage

03:06:21 Add Recent Blogposts To The Homepage

03:08:30 Add The Recent Portfolio Items


For all idea's we got a video interpreter. people love to see things visual explained.
For example "do it yourself" making a wordpress website with
Ferdy Korpershoek.
In this case you will see a good, clear and professional explanation
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